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How To Use Public Speaking As A Marketing Strategy

There is no better way of convincing your clients than talking to them directly. But, showing up at their house to speak directly is going to show you as a weird business. Another standard option of calling them on their phone is going to sound like an old school telemarketing strategy. So, this is where a localized public speaking Singapore marketing agency can help you. Here are the three main ways to your public speaking skills to better use.

Attend conferences

Business conferences are the worst nightmare for those who hate public speaking. But the leaders with excellent skills see this as the best opportunity to gain leads. So always ensure you meet business conferences and do speak and steal the show. You should be well trained in public speaking skills to do this job, so better get yourself ready.

Organize events

Inviting your potential clients to events is one great way to gain leads. But, the core part of this plan’s success is in the way you can convince the client.


Shooting videos and sharing them through platforms like YouTube might not sound like a typical public speaking strategy. But, in the new digital world, this is a great way to reach your clients.

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